Monday, April 17, 2017

Finally playing Counter Strike : Global Offensive in 2017

I should be able to return to streaming soon.  I fixed my video card and OBS problems that were in the way of streaming music production.  However, I play CSGO on my laptop, and the desktop is where I stream best.  I need to get a new MB and CPU (and thus ram) soon!

I don't know how I went like 16 years or so without playing Counter Strike EVER! But I did....

Monday, July 4, 2016

Diablo 3, RoS, patch 2.4.1 current difficulties and drop rates PIC

It occurred to me we were still needing info for this patch, and I was forgetting old values, so I decided to post this as well, which is current until 2.4.2 patch hits live servers.

PTR is already on 2.4.2 and this pic was posted on this blog a couple of posts ago for reference.

Thank you DiabloFans!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jhows Charge Barb Build Season 6

Diablo 3, Season 6 Furious Charge Barb build by Jhow


Torment 11 - 13 coming to Diablo 3 soon! Difficulty chart (PNG)

EDIT: This info is from PTR.. updated LIVE info can be found here! http://d3resource.com/difficulties/

Info for the new Torment Levels (from Reddit/r/diablo via http://d3resource.com via diablofans.com)
I'm looking forward to 3 key drops from RGs, 2 machines from Key Wardens, and 8 bounty mats PER cache!

Everyone should be happy with these changes.