Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday, January 12, 2018

Did DrDisRespect cheat on his wife? or was it marketing strategy to cover vacation??


From DrDisRespect's discord, part of a discussion worth repeating...

discusson cheating
[12:04 PM] TheWookieWay: more fun to talk abouty mice and games, but back to my original post earlier about cheating .. (relationships, not games) ...
 I can speak from experience. I'm older than many of you (even the doc by a fair amount) and I can speak from personal experience on BOTH sides of the coin.
 Even though I never cheated on anyone, my ex-wife THOUGHT I cheated on her, and went through some things mentioned in the post above.  and I've been cheated on, more than once.  so I have seen the issue from both sides of the coin.
 the older you get, the more things you see, and the more perspective you often get (if you look at things from muliple angles)
 Like many things in life, we think they are black and white when are young, and learn later that most things are NOT black and white.
 but we talk about them online very often as though they can be only black or white, either right or wrong.
 and sometimes they are.
 but often in life, many things are not, are grey, or you don't know what's black or white until hindsight sets in
 it's easy to make mistakes, it's part of life.
 But many mistakes in life can be avoided if we just learn from the past, learn from others who have already lived it, etc....
 like many, i was stubborn, and had to learn some of life's lessons the hard way, when I could have chosen to learn from others mistakes.
 I assure you, the 2nd way is easier, to learn from others mistakes and not make them yourself.
 but you will see Many people on many problems do the former, and learn the hard way. You WILL more thoroughly learn and remember the lesson if you go this route.
 sometimes this is good, sometimes this is not.
every situation and every person is different.  This is why there are no simple answers to many  questions in life.
 Bear in mind, this MIGHT still all be marketing for a Devour ad, to keep us in Doc's mouth until his vacation is over..... though it doens't look that way.
 it looks all too real, and we'll eventually know for sure in the future.
 Just remember this.  Cheating hurts people bad on the other side.  Don't say or do things in a way you will regret later.  Think before you speak, think before you act.  it's not the end of the world if you make mistakes, you will get past those mistakes, but you won't always heal relationships beyond those mistakes.  Some things you just can't take back.
 You can learn, you can grow, you can change.
[12:21 PM] TheWookieWay: I think that is enough for now, words to the wise on both sides, and I'm available if anyone ever wants to talk. but I've got to go to work for now.

I was later banned from the server.

Here is the video mentioned above for Devour:
EDIT: the video appears to have been hidden or taken down. Either leaked early and removed until released, or removed because of what's going on with DrDisRespect

EDIT 2: Here is the link from Adrienne Curry's blog post on the subject of cheating being a choice, that I posted weeks ago on my Guitar blog: http://guitarsparadox.blogspot.com/2017/12/cheating-is-conscious-choice.html

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is LIVE again as of 10:15pm PST


some bug fixes
new cosmetics and cases
  • 1 free with 40% drop rate, Biker
  • 1 paid with key 40% drop rate, Desperado
  • 2 of the old ones remain 10% drop rate each Wanderer and Survivor
Let us pray there are no ruberband issues! (there were on test last I checked)
#PUBG #Twitch #Steam 

new Samsung 960 EVO NVMe drives are better than expected


the cheaper versions will make sense for a lot of people, just not dedicated power users who create content daily (streamers, youtubers, video/music rendering, etc) where the double life span on the more expensive faster PRO versions make more sense.

Though, I could see having a PRO for the bulk of the work, and an EVO for everything else for some people