Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Need some RP for League of Legends?

Use this link, to see how you can earn some points for completing surveys
how to earn riot points for free

I use instagc.com for the quickest cash outs possible (most are immediate digitally!)
Start with the GUIDES for an easy start.

Tell them Wookie sent ya

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Earn a little pocket change via gift cards at InstaGC.com

Great for students, starving musicians, people stuck at home with health problems, with gift cards at Amazon, TigerDirect, Starbucks, BurgerKing, Walmart, and SO many others, even Skype.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MC Next NSA new features, MINECRAFT NEXT

Time to branch another Blog for Music, before it takes over the Games!

I've got to do it.  It's time to branch off my music blog away from my gaming blog.  I will still post and blog about music here as well, but mostly with a video game focus.  There will be some cross posting between the 4 (now 5, one is a secret!) blogs, but only where it seems logical.  Well, maybe.  I should clarify ... so long as it seems logical to me, at the time!

Now then, where did I put that list of names I was thinking of using?  Do I really have to dig through Facebook to find that post?  I'll update this post with the name after I'm done.
Edit: Paradox Of Metal?  Paradox of Guitar?  Guitars Paradox?

At least I know what the first post will be, a lost guitar recording of Randy Rhoads giving a guitar lesson for Diary of a Madman...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Social Network quote inaccuracies explained

While searching for a quote from the movie 'The Social Network' , I ran across this blog post, that covers some inaccuracies in the movie.  So, in case you were wondering about any of them, here ya go!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Fox-Fire Ahri Montage: Fire Can Not be Put Out

OMG, this AHRI song keeps getting stuck in my head EVERYTIME I play any youtube video, it's right there for the advertisement.. somneone is promoting the heck out of it!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

XMG League of Legends 2014 - "A sit down with Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere


Cultural differences in gaming regions?

I have always thought of gaming as one of those activities that brings people together with common interests, much the same as poker.  A place where people who can barely speak the same language, are able to play and have fun, with something like League of Legends, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) type of game.  This has been my "go to" game for some time now, other than SolForge and HearthStone, which are Trading Card Games (TCG).  It is a 5 player vs 5 player team game, where you have to cooperate with your teammates to outperform and win against the other team.  Although you can play with friends, for most people, this means playing with 9 complete strangers.

So I'm playing on the North American (NA) servers, and having an unusually fun day.  Everyone getting along, 8 wins in a row, not much to complain about.  Riot takes the NA servers down for maintenance, so I go over to my EUW account to continue playing.  And promptly have 3 very annoying games in a row.  Even the games we won, there was still someone complaining, a lot!  Everyone was generally rude and insulting, and this is a more typical result in playing a bunch of League of Legends matches.

I started out testing on the NA servers because of a job at a software company that worked with Riot, now defunct, and ended up testing a little on EUW servers, where I happened to have more friends from hanging out with Athene (Twitch) for years.  Eventually, I started playing more on the NA servers again, and seem to be noticing a difference in players between the two regions.

Here are the differences I am seeing, in general.  Players on NA servers are typically more friendly and want to have fun, for the most part.  But when a player is toxic, or a troll, or having a bad day, they are REALLY bad.  If it's a bad game, it's usually a HORRIBLE game.  Not much middle ground.  You might be winning by far, but this is the type of game where the action of one player can take down the whole team, sometimes.  I have been on a 4 vs 5 win many a time, but it's easier if one player drops, than having one player intentionally feeding a team, or just playing really badly.  You are more likely to find a Troll on the NA servers, a player who is there just to have fun ruining everyone's day for the laughs.  Although Riot has a penalty system for trolls, these players just don't care.

Players on EUW servers are typically more serious, and expect things done a certain way.  On NA servers you say "MIA", or use the ping function, to signal your opponent is missing from your lane.  On EUW servers, you say "SS" (I forget what is stands for, but it means MIA), AND some players seems to think you should also ping.  You are more likely to get complainers or the usual "why (champion)?" as if explaining your mistake will make any difference, and you are more likely to be berated for bad play, and called a "noob" anytime you don't have a good game.  On the plus side, you are less likely to find a pure Troll out to ruin everyone's game.

Riot has a Tribunal, a system by where the players report toxic behavior, and the reports are then submitted to a group of your peers, other players that play the game.  There is a code of conduct you agree to when playing the game, and players are expected to adhere to these rules.  However, on the EUW server, ANYTHING that anyone does not agree with, often results in "reporting you!", even non-reportable offenses.

It's so refreshing when you get a game or two with friendly players, that it stands out from the typical negative attitudes and bickering, that often starts while still in the queue before you even enter the arena!

This has always been one of my problems with League of Legends, and indeed, was a reason it was quite a while before I enjoyed playing it, because who wants to play a game with more bickering and name calling, than fun??

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

30 tools every web developer must have - AGBeat

30 tools every web developer must have - AGBeat

Stuff to help me stay productive, and maybe you, too!

The ones I already use:
Google Drive
Asana (but I really shoud check out the others!)
Notepad++ (one of my all time faves)
Subversion (SVN)
Amazon Web Services (various)

Friday, February 14, 2014

King.com being the villain and lying to us in the gaming world...


King.com games caught in another Trademark war contradicting the "heart felt" open letter from the Riccardo Zacconi (aka the Phony), picking on the little guy again, and wrongfully so!

Athene's Journey in a masterful documentary! GamingForGood

A wonderful documentary from his YouTube page .. Great Job to all the crew!

Keep up the good work and keep changing the world for the better!  This goes to show what the little guy can do when cooperating with the community at large who are the Real heroes!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

LoL Solo Queue and lack of Teamwork


One of the problems with a game like League of Legends is lack of teamwork when forming a team.  How many times have you seen this?

Player 1: Tob
Player 2: Mid
Player 3: Top

Player 1: I said first top.
Player 2: You said Tob.  I said Top .... 
*rolls eyes*  

... and ends up with a crappy team that won't cooperate and just talks about reporting each other.

Here's an idea Riot.. Prejoin Queue with your desired position.  Let player join as "mid' and select champion, then be joined with a Top, Bot, Support and Jungle who have done the same?  Obviously, Support is going to get a quick match just about every time.  This will alleviate the majority of the Solo Queue problems.

Of course, League of Legends is a team matchup kind of game, with advantages for counter picking.  However, in SOLO queue, you do NOT see the enemy team during selection, so this point is MOOT!

Solo Queue would be such a Happier place if you implemented this :)   Ask anyone that has played hundreds of games in Solo queue.

~WookieAE (NA) & TheWookieWayEU (EUW)

PS.  Mobafire is hiring for some PHP positions  http://www.mobafire.com/jobs