Saturday, January 18, 2014

LoL Solo Queue and lack of Teamwork


One of the problems with a game like League of Legends is lack of teamwork when forming a team.  How many times have you seen this?

Player 1: Tob
Player 2: Mid
Player 3: Top

Player 1: I said first top.
Player 2: You said Tob.  I said Top .... 
*rolls eyes*  

... and ends up with a crappy team that won't cooperate and just talks about reporting each other.

Here's an idea Riot.. Prejoin Queue with your desired position.  Let player join as "mid' and select champion, then be joined with a Top, Bot, Support and Jungle who have done the same?  Obviously, Support is going to get a quick match just about every time.  This will alleviate the majority of the Solo Queue problems.

Of course, League of Legends is a team matchup kind of game, with advantages for counter picking.  However, in SOLO queue, you do NOT see the enemy team during selection, so this point is MOOT!

Solo Queue would be such a Happier place if you implemented this :)   Ask anyone that has played hundreds of games in Solo queue.

~WookieAE (NA) & TheWookieWayEU (EUW)

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