Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MC Next NSA new features, MINECRAFT NEXT

Time to branch another Blog for Music, before it takes over the Games!

I've got to do it.  It's time to branch off my music blog away from my gaming blog.  I will still post and blog about music here as well, but mostly with a video game focus.  There will be some cross posting between the 4 (now 5, one is a secret!) blogs, but only where it seems logical.  Well, maybe.  I should clarify ... so long as it seems logical to me, at the time!

Now then, where did I put that list of names I was thinking of using?  Do I really have to dig through Facebook to find that post?  I'll update this post with the name after I'm done.
Edit: Paradox Of Metal?  Paradox of Guitar?  Guitars Paradox?

At least I know what the first post will be, a lost guitar recording of Randy Rhoads giving a guitar lesson for Diary of a Madman...