Thursday, February 5, 2015

Power supply went Poof!

The pc shut down, shortly after a reboot, with an acrid stench wafting through the airspace, the sure sign of a blown transistor or capacitor.  Triaging narrowed it down to the power supply.

A quick search showed Tiger Dierct could fix me up with a 750w PS, SLI ready, for about $50 including shipping.  These things are heavy!

With a prayer that nothing else was damaged, we now enter the dark side, where all we can do is wait.  The waiting is always the hardesr part...

Draft Dec2014a - Publish Feb2015

It's time to investigate streaming for a living.  Games (which ones?), music (what kind), poker (what works for me), and what blend.  YouTube, marketing, donations, plan/schedule?.  Incorporate shrinking donation/easter egg hunt button,  with Tweedle DeeDum sound effect.  Find my niche.

Currently thinking, Poker, LoL, Minecraft, SolForge, HS, Heroes, and some kind of FPS similar to Quake.  Some game development would be nice as well.  We don't see much of that.  Unity and Unreal levels would likely be cool.

Editing videos needs to be standard for YouTube and Twitch highlights, etc.  Music without copyright problems would be ideal (twitch will mute replays otherwise).

Need webcam and better mic. Windows drive for laptop. Try HDD from desktop?  Get portable bay? Fix HDD from Jan

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gamelog 01/27/15 Poker and WoW, casual day

I didn't sleep well, so I only played a short Poker session, and quit out while up 1 buyin.  I wasn't in the mood for Hearthstone or League of Legends, debated on taking a nap, but decided I didn't want to mess up my sleep schedule.  I felt like playing something casual ...

So I decided to the play the Starter Edition of World of Warcraft.  Something I had installed when updating my Battlenet account for Hearthstone and Diablo 3.  It was a good decision.

It's been a long time since I've played an MMO (massive multiplayer online) RPG (role-playing game).  Blizzard has really geared the game for casual gamers.  It was a very relaxing evening, as I played from level 1 to level 16 in less than 12 hours, with plenty of breaks.  This would have been considered hardcore back in my days of Everquest.  Not once did I have a fear of dying or even of losing my Ranger pet, nor need to worry about food, drink, potions, etc... all the tedious stuff has been removed for a smoother user experience.  To get you hooked on the game, I would imagine.  I can't imagine the PVE (player vs environment) is this easy all the way up to level 60 (level 70 if you have Worlds of Draenor expansion).

I do enjoy the harder aspects of most MMORPG's, but today was a casual day, and it was just right for that kind of day.  I am only playing the Starter Edition, and you can't do certain things like you can with the full subscription version, like join a party with friends, or use the zone wide chat channels, etc...  There were plenty of opportunities for me to "click to upgrade" to a subscription account, if I wanted to do so.

I was streaming on Twitch the entire time ( www.twitch.tv/thewookieway ) and went ahead and made a couple video highlights to cover levels 1 to 16 for any beginners that thought about playing, but wanted to see what was involved first.  Since I haven't played WoW or anything similar since Rift, it was a nice refresher at a comfortable pace.  They seem to have a good balance of easy quests to keep you from getting bored, or feeling bogged down with tedious tasks, and mixed in with a few spots of humor. (such as the Crazy Cat Lady with the meat cleaver!)

We'll see how things go from here, tomorrow....

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hearthstone for Noobs: Playing Ranked with Mage Constructed Deck low levels

So you want to see some Hearthstone but don't know much about it?  Watch this video from Twitch of me playing a low level easy deck that you can build if you like from mostly basic cards....

You can view my stream at twitch.tv/thewookieway , where I play a variety of games including Hearthstone, Minecraft, League of Legends, Diablo III, World of Warcraft.  I also stream some Poker and playing Guitar!

~Wookie (I do things "The Wookiee Way")

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