Thursday, February 5, 2015

Draft Dec2014a - Publish Feb2015

It's time to investigate streaming for a living.  Games (which ones?), music (what kind), poker (what works for me), and what blend.  YouTube, marketing, donations, plan/schedule?.  Incorporate shrinking donation/easter egg hunt button,  with Tweedle DeeDum sound effect.  Find my niche.

Currently thinking, Poker, LoL, Minecraft, SolForge, HS, Heroes, and some kind of FPS similar to Quake.  Some game development would be nice as well.  We don't see much of that.  Unity and Unreal levels would likely be cool.

Editing videos needs to be standard for YouTube and Twitch highlights, etc.  Music without copyright problems would be ideal (twitch will mute replays otherwise).

Need webcam and better mic. Windows drive for laptop. Try HDD from desktop?  Get portable bay? Fix HDD from Jan

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