Sunday, April 30, 2017

Google Chrome Voice not hearing your microphone? See this solution!


It's possible to get your setting for your microphone changed, and then "lost" to the web browser, and it stops working with voice commands.  Google Chrome not hearing you?

Logically, you probably already checked by right-click on the speaker icon, select recording devices, and set your mic to Default Device, or Default Communication Device ... yet it's still not working?

You checked Chrome > Settings and did not find any setting for your microphone?

The reason is because it's "hidden" under Settings > Privacy > Content Settings, scroll down to Microphone (or Camera) and check "Ask when a site requests to use your camera or microphone" ... see this article for more info ... Official Google Chrome Help Page on this topic 

Now, Google should be able to hear you again!  Enjoy.

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